Product recap 17-23 February

So last week we recieved a bunch of new product, and we wanna share that news with you.

Pass-Port skateboards

We got a stack of Australian brand "pass-port" boards, owned and directed by skater Trent Evans.He founded company in 2009 after seeing lack of Australian brands. He wanted to bring bring the world to Australian skateboarding, not Australian skateboarding to the world. You can see it in strong art direction of the brand.

Rave Skateboards

Nothing is too serious 

Friend´s music, VX kinda filming and no rules street skating. Thats mostly how you could describe Rave brand. Design is between nonsense and super fun, and all boards are "Made in Canada" so it really givers you feeling "kinda board from back in a days". Shapes are nor squared nor oval, but something in between, concave is mellow.

The people behind the idea are PJ Chapuis, Aurelién Mangin and Tom Amiot

Baker Skateboards

One of the most OG brands out there, we all know them from legendary movies like baker 2G, baker 3, baker 4, baker has a deathwish, and any other footage they made is instantly becoming iconic, they still can keep it big and keep it raw, just by staying true to skateboarding and its culture. They still mostly do original oval shapes, and mellow concave, and OG shape with same mellow concave. Made by Generator fabric, so you can know that quality is top.

Sour Solutions

Sour Skateboards was originally developed in response to changes at Sweet Skateboards. A large part of the current Sour team had previously been at Sweet for years. After some changes at Sweet, the team started their own thing together with team manager Björn Holmenäs. After the first team video "The Sour Solution", the brand was on everyone's mind. 

Sour showed us some new ways to skate in Barcelona, and you can see them constantly going with bikes around in searching of the new one. Filming is great, tricks are creative af. So we don't see any reason not to like them. Also they make boards in HLC factory, so this brand is 100% Europe, for euro spots and skaters.