• Free Skate Mag. Issue 32

    This issue is already available here at FTC and it comes with 10 years anniversary article, come over get yours.  
  • Obey x Dickies in FTC Barcelona

  • Thrasher Rough Cut: Gronze in Barcelona

  • FTC Barcelona: Dani Martinez Not Da Boig Part

    Dani has been working on this one since last year, Covid-19 did not help with it, but finally after the lockdown he finished it. Filmed and edited...
  • Hotel Blue arrived

    Hotel Blue is a brand inspired by old New York and movies about it. We received three different graphics in different sizes.   Shapes are squared.  
  • Alehsy x Snack Skateboards at FTC Barcelona

    Alehsy came through the day we release the Snack boards here at the store and painted our window, thanks tio!  
  • Lockdown is over kinda

    We been out with a weird schedule for four weeks, only been able to skate between 6am to 10am or 8pm to 11pm, legs don't work the same way at those...
  • Entrevista para Guerilla Skatezine

    Talking about how skate shop worked during lockdown LINK
  • Kevin White's new part for Illegal Civilization

    So hyped on our brother Kevin's new part! Congrats tío, so good!!! I hope we see you back in town soon.  
  • recap #3 march 2020 Japan

    Last insta clips before quarantine and also some clips from the trip to Japan for the new FTC opening in Osaka Guys skating in video: Pedro Attenbo...
  • New Gronze video

     The Gronze video. Thats what skateboarding is about, to go out on adventures with your friends and have fun skating. Max Geronzi, Samuel Parrado ...
  • Credit Store Cards

    You want to make a present and don’t know what to buy? Want to support us but don’t need something right now? Or just looking for to get a good dea...